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dedicated to strengthening the spiritual journey and restoring emotional wellness

 Christian Counseling Center


Dr. Janetta Twerell

Dr. Janetta Twerell, Co-director of NYCCC, received her Doctorate in Social/Personality Psychology and is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Therapist. 

She joined the counseling center soon after its opening and has been providing counseling for over 15 years. Dr. Twerell provides counseling to individuals, adolescents and families.

She has a specialty in addiction counseling and has been trained in Motivational Interviewing, Prolonged Exposure Therapy and Rational Emotive Behavioral Pastoral Therapy. Dr. Twerell is both a researcher and a clinician and has authored numerous articles and continues to present her work at professional and provider conferences.

Among others, she is a member of the American Psychological Association, NYS Psychological Association, NYS Association for Substance Abuse Providers, National Cognitive Behavioral Therapist Association and the National Christian Counselors Association.

Dr. Twerell has a passion and commitment to work with adolescents and people struggling with addiction and participate in their transformation to emotional wellness and spiritual strength.

Dr. J. Terry Twerell

Christian Counseling Center was founded in 1993 by Executive Director, Dr. J. Terry Twerell.

Dr. "T" as many of his clients refer to him, has over 20 years of experience providing counseling within a Christian perspective.  He works together with individuals and couples to restore emotional wellness, mend marriages, renew relationships, strengthen the spiritual journey, promote peace, and a return to whole hearted living. He was a Pastor for over 20 years as well as the Executive Director of the NYCCC college equipping clergy and many others to effectively counsel and meet the needs of those with emotional and situational struggles. 

Over the years, Dr. Twerells focus on the creative side of life brought him in contact with individuals who range from writers and actors to ballet dancers and jazz musicians. As an award winning author of both fiction and non-fiction, Dr. Twerells understanding and compassion for creative artist provides emotional help for those who choose to follow their dreams and passions in the arts.

Dr. Twerell has authored a number of books for professionals and clients including Inner Peace, Marriage and Family Christian Counseling Principals, and Rational Emotive Pastoral Counseling. He is a member of the National Christian Counseling Association, the National Cognitive Behavioral Therapist Association. and the American Psychological Association-Religion Division. Dr. Twerell has presented at National conferences and conducted regional workshops. His book INNER SPACE : A Guide to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from a Faith Based Perspective is available at Amazon (click Here)

On the internet, he continues his mission to help others help themselves using a Cognitive Behavioral Therapeutic approach referred to as Rational Emotive Behavioral Pastoral Therapy. This approach helps individuals learn to change dysfunctional thinking patterns that cause emotional distress and spiritual disconnection.